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Analogix Development Corporation (ADC)dba Axelo Inc. established in November 2007, is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Axelo Inc. is recognized as a premier developer of highly advanced sensing technologies. Having extensive expertise in 3-Dimensional (3D) Inertial Sensing Technology, ADC holds related patented IP. Our Sensing Technology utilizes highly advanced sensing devices with integrated signal processing to optimize responsiveness and reliability. Unlike the movement sensing technology developed by many of our competitors, our technology is self-contained and as such does not require reflectors or receivers. Our advanced technology detects and quantifies movement by measuring inertial displacement through micro-mechanical sensors. Software is required for signal processing and amplification to permit a response comparable to that obtained from more expensive electro-mechanical systems. Our micro-mechanical sensors, having been built into solid state devices, can be easily manufactured and embedded into various forms. The flexibility of being self contained, allows numerous applications across multiple industry segments, and permits fulfilling a multitude of specific customer requirements.

In early 2008, ADC launched Axelo Inc. Axelo Inc. is primarily on the ‘Home Entertainment’ market but also includes R&D. Having an engineering core, Axelo's Research & Development Team initiates and develops future products to be utilized throughout numerous and varied industry markets.

AnaLogix Development Corporation and Axelo Inc. are technology-driven companies and are privately held. Our companies’ advanced movement detection technology provides innovative devices for the Home Entertainment, Simulation, Healthcare, Navigation & Control markets, as well as products/devices designed specifically for Military Applications.