Providing advanced integration of sensing devices with state-of-the- art signal processing, ADC technology creates innovative and highly functional technologies optimized amongst other for C4 and ISR : command, control, communication and computer and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) products.  The self-contained technology allows multiple military-related applications:

Unmanned Vehicles: Technology embedded in the navigation and control system for unmanned air, ground and sea vehicles in the form of an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). The integration of a matrix of sensors with a redundancy level will produce a nearly fail-proof system for the unmanned vehicles’ IMU system. As the core of an airborne or underwater IMU ( Inertial Measurement Unit), this technology can additionally be used with a rugged controller (functionally similar to a game controller), to control unmanned vehicles (and/or other robotics systems or subsystems) when not in automated mode. The combination of the technology embedded in a rugged controller with an unmanned helicopter, will drastically reduce the learning curve/time of new pilots and operators from the minimum of 40 hours down to a few hours, due to the faux but natural movement of the controller; synchronized with the helicopter's movement.

Military/Industrial Robotics( EOD): In addition to the rugged game-pad like controller steering the movements of the robotic platform, our technology allows for improved control of the robotic arm by the actual movements of the operator's arm and hand accomplished by a special wearable glove or suit. A robotic camera, operated by movements of the operator's head, gives the operator natural control of the visual presentation.

Digital Glove: Development is underway of a virtual glove for activating virtual push buttons and knobs. This glove will enable air crew virtual typing capability and to annotate the real world with hand-motions. These hand-motions register as geo-registered icons on the displays of air crews and ground team members simultaneously. For the operator, this technology, combined with a camera-based detection module, allows the development of a 3D virtual control space.

Combat Simulation and Soldier Performance Assessment and Biomechanics: ADC technology, in wearable form on soldiers’ limbs and extremities, allows an in-situ observation of the posture and movements while under heavy equipment load. This technology permits assessment of the soldier's physical status and/or performance/combat enhancement potential. The technology, embedded in real life weaponry for simulation in conjunction with a game-like virtual environment, allows the simulation to encompass all aspects of ‘real life’ environment. Bullet hits would be simulated by a special vest.

Special Forces Virtual Flight Instrumentation: Technology suitable for Special Forces insertion operations allows Special Forces operatives to visualize a virtual instrument dash board, allowing them ‘real time’ information denoting location, direction, speed and altitude, while permitting maneuvering their parachute into an accurate position for landing safely.