Most simulators available today are comprised of a keyboard, mouse and a two dimensional controller as an input. They are continuously being developed and updated to facilitate the training of civilian, medical and military personnel. They are programmed to teach concepts, decision making and can be used to provide medical training and to learn various diagnostic procedures. In contrast, the ADC 6-axis Natural Movement Controller System has been developed to provide superior responsiveness, simulation accuracy, positioning and reliability. These factors enhance and increase trainee learning and retention, while providing a ‘real’ learning atmosphere.

Axelo provides design and engineering services and partners with local PCB prototyping companies based in USA that specializes in low volume PCB production.

(Qty 1-50)

Axelo partners with an Indian based PCB company – Sulakshana Circuits Ltd (SCL) that produces high quality PCBs in medium to high volumes. ( SCL has ISO 9001 certification, UL Approval and C-DOT, CACT, LCSO, RDSO, JSS, etc.. SCL has experienced management, skilled manpower and is led by Canadians and Americans of Indian origin. It has imported machinery, uses high quality raw materials and has implemented modern manufacturing and quality processes. SCL is centrally located in Hyderabad. Its location is close to the majority of India’s electronic industry. SCL tests 100% of its orders on 2 German Bare Board Testers (BBT), a Taiwanese Dedicated Tester or a Japanese Flying Probe Tester.

(Qty 50 – 100,000)

Axelo provides electronic component distribution services in North America and Europe. As an insider to the Electronics market, Axelo will be a reliable and well connected partner with a finger on the pulse of the North American and European market and Electronics industry. The company will take care of the logistics and supply chain from USA and Europe ports of arrival and will organize logistics to service clients throughout the Europe, South America and Indian sub-continent.